Clip In Feather Hair Extensions – Hot Trend Alert!

Clip In Feather Hair ExtensionsClip in feather hair extensions are a very hot trend right now! They provide colorful hair extensions and act as an accessory to your outfit. Of the many different types of hair extensions, this is definitely the most affordable, and the most fun! Clip in feather hair extensions are easy to obtain and can be worn in different ways, and with different color schemes. They are also popular almost everywhere you go. No matter what city you are in, you will probably see someone with feather hair extensions Los Angeles, New York and everywhere in between has caught onto this new hair extensions trend!

It is important to know from where your clip in feather hair extensions originate. This trend has taken off so quickly that the industry is working hard to keep up with it, and not all of the animals are being treated fairly during the plucking process. Some roosters even perish under the conditions in which they are plucked and many of them live in wretched conditions in the first place. Cruelty-free feather hair extensions are available, so make sure you do some research before purchasing the extensions or having them put in your hair.

If adding clip in feather hair extensions are a little more permanent than you would like, you can still participate in the new look by wearing feather headpieces. A brightly colored feather on a hair comb, or feathers decorating a headband, will allow you to show off the feather look, but remove the feathers at the end of the night. This also allows you to switch the hair piece out for another color if you want to accentuate your outfits with different feathers every day! However, if you want to try a clip in feather extension, you can always start with just one placed into your hair where you can hide it for certain occasions, and show it off when you are ready for a touch of flair.

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