Cheap Remy Hair Extensions – How to Spot Bad Quality?

Cheap Remy Hair Extensions - How to Spot Bad Quality?If you decide to invest in hair extension, you want to make sure you are getting high quality clip in or weave in pieces! Cheap Remy hair extensions can be spotted a mile away. Read on to make sure you are purchasing top notch extensions to make your hair look long and gorgeous!

Most women look for 20-24 inch hair extensions said to be the most versatile length of extensions allowing you to style your mane in a variety of ways to suit the occasion and sport various hair accessories like hair clips for thick hair and barrettes. Remy brand of extensions is considered to be one of the top choices on the market in regard to quality and price. However, there is a huge difference between quality Remy extensions and cheap Remy hair extensions. Cheap extensions do not blend nicely into the natural hair line. They appear bumpy and fray, with loose strands along the way. The texture of the low quality extensions is also not as smooth and will be easily damaged if you heat style them.

Colored hair extensions also tend to look cheap unless they are made of natural hair. Many times, women purchase dark or red clip in hair extensions with the hope of giving their style depth or a pop of color, however, they might end up creating a super cheap and tacky look.

You know you have a high quality extension when the strands hold up to a good washing, drying, coloring, and styling with heat induced tools. Quality extensions will not fray or fall out and hold their texture and original look for a long period of time.

You also want to look for high quality hair extensions that have strong and sturdy clips for superior hold on top of your natural strands. This ensures a firm grasp and flattering look, without having the cheap Remy hair extensions poke through the natural hair line.

It may also be wise to invest a moderate amount of money into clip in extension. Usually, the cheaper the extension, the lower the quality is of that extension. Invest in high quality pieces that provide strong hold, look and shine.

Cheap Remy hair extensions are simple to spot and will not give you the look you desire.

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