Can Laser Hair Removal Underarms Cause Side Effects Like Cancer?

 Laser Hair Removal UnderarmsIf you are unhappy with constantly shaving and waxing your body hair and the rate at which it grows, you may want to consider laser treatment. Laser hair removal underarms is the most popular treatment to take on but leaves questions and concerns with the consumer about its side effects. Read on to learn about the potential dangers of laser hair removal.

While there are many positive effects of laser hair removal, some negative ones also accompany them. Some laser hair removal side effects include swelling and redness for short term use. Feeling light an intense sunburn, you are slightly uncomfortable just as if you would be if you were burned by the sun or a tanning bed. Scabbing may also occur but is not common.

Some longer side effects include darkening and lightening on some patients. This could be permanent and is called hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. This is very rarely reported with laser treatment users however, but is not impossible for occurring. Be sure to get a consultation from a doctor prior to any kind of laser procedure.

Laser underarm hair removal is very safe even though the treatment itself sounds harsh. There is little pain when done under the arms and because the arm pit is such a small area, the process takes less than 10 minutes. There is no direct correlation with laser hair removal underarms noted.

It does not cause cancer because it does not involve ionizing radiation. Laser hair removal underarms and on the body uses non-ionizing radiation which is energy waves that are made up of magnetic fields that travel at the speed of light. While it produces high heat, it does not cause any form of cell mutation. Non-ionizing radiation is around us in our everyday interactions-cell phones, power lines, and many household appliances utilize this form of energy.

Choosing to permanently remove hair from your body, especially in such a delicate area like your underarms is a big decision. Not only can it be costly, there is minor pain involved and possible long term effects. However, the good news is that laser hair removal underarms does not cause a serious disease like Cancer. You can remove hair easily and permanently in just a few visits to your doctor’s office.

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