Best Safe Mascara For Eyelash Extensions – Which One To Choose?

Mascara For Eyelash ExtensionsIf you invest in lash extensions, you want to do your best to protect them and extend their shelf life. So when you decide to enhance their luxurious look even further, opt out for the best and, most importantly, safe cosmetic products designed specifically for lash extensions. Choosing the best mascara for eyelash extensions is very important. Read on to help you decide which mascaras are best to use with your extensions.

The first rule of applying mascara is do not use an oil-based or water-proof mascara. Any kind of oil will weaken and dissolve the bonding that you used to apply your eyelash extensions, which will make them fall out before they should. Also beware of heated eyelash curlers, which may have a similar consequence. Purchasing lash extension mascara specifically is the best idea.

Xtreme lashes eyelash extension mascara is a safe choice as it is made out of all natural ingredients that won’t affect the bonding on your false lashes.

Lashes and Cosmetics also boast affordable and effective mascara for eyelash extensions. It is oil free and safe for all skin types as it makes your dramatic false lashes look even bolder!

Divaderm produces a lash extension product that is fortified with vitamins and conditions your lashes, while remaining safe for false lash use.

ILash Store sells great Eyelash Extensions Max 2 water based special safe mascara for eyelash extensions. A great investment, you are able to use it on your natural lashes if you decide to remove your false extensions.

Kiss Pure Fiber Lash Extension mascara is easy to use and does not clump. Enriched with fiber, it does not contain an oil or water base, so it won’t affect your eyelash extensions.

You may also want to consider Ango Eyelash Extension water proof sealer. It goes on clear and should be applied 10 minutes after you apply the lashes. By swiping some sealer on once a week, you can help maintain your investment.

If the cost of eyelash extensions and mascara sounds like a lot of upkeep or a hassle for your budget or schedule, consider tinting eyelashes. This can be done at most salons and makes your lashes look darker, thicker, and longer. Whatever you decide, it is best to use specific safe mascara for eyelash extensions rather than your regular go-to brand. You will get better results and sustain your eyelash extensions rather than wear them down, wasting time and money.

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