Best Non Permanent Hair Color Brand For Wild Highlights!

Best Non Permanent Hair Color If you want a dramatic change, but don’t want to go all in, why not try some wild non permanent highlights? There are many brands that will get you your edgy and daring look, but if you are going to do it yourself, you need to be aware of the best non permanent hair color. If you’re going for a temporary new look, be sure you understand the different ways to dye your hair that not only makes you look wild and carefree, but also up to date with funky hair color trends!

One trend to try is dipping your ends in a washable hair dye. Top colors to dip into dye are red, pink, purple, and green. While permanent purple hair dye may not be for you, there are a few great brands you can purchase that will deposit the color temporarily.

Arguably the best semi permanent hair dye brand is by Clairol Natural Instincts. With over 54 colors to choose from, you will find a daring color that gives your look a little kick. Lasting 28 washes, your bright red hair dye will wash out if you decide you want a more conservative look.

Bright colored, standard highlights are also very popular. Manic Panic is also a known brand and the candidate for the title of the best non permanent hair color for your wild highlights. Boasting fun colors like After Midnight Blue, Red Passion, Vampire Red, and Cotton Candy Pink, your highlights will stand out against your base hair color and radiant your edgy style. The cream is ready to use and will fade slightly with every wash, giving it a short shelf life of approximately four weeks. The best part about this popular brand is that the ingredients are vegan and are fortified with a protein complex to keep hair strong with use.

Ion Color Brilliance is also the best non permanent hair color brand to use because it delivers electrically bright colors that highlight the hair. No ammonia or peroxide is used in the products and has shades from teal to orange, which will surely satisfy your color craving.

Go ahead! Take a walk on the wild side. With the best non permanent hair color on your side, you are guaranteed amazing results that will wash away in a short time period, allowing you to renew the color, or discontinue it in your hair!

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