Best Heat Protectant For Natural Hair Spray Battle – Tresemme Vs Chi!

Heat Protectant For Natural HairTresemme or Chi? Which of these styling brands boasts the best heat protectant for natural hair? While both brands are notorious for their smoothing and shining effects that keep hair hearty and healthy; each of the lines’ heat protection spray for hair has similarities and differences. Read on to decide which one produces the best heat protectant for natural hair that is dried and styled with heated tools.

Tresemme heat protectant guards against harsh heat and styling friction, whether it is with a curling iron, curlers, or flat iron. The spray is meant to be used on wet hair prior to drying. Making your strands incredibly soft, it plays up textures in your hair style and makes it easy to form and shape while providing a firm hold for hours. Acting as a conditioner, you hair is restored and revived after use.

Some reviews that support the brilliance of this product state that it is the best heat protectant for natural hair because it is cost efficient (under ten dollars), smells like fruity green apples, and has made hair have a glossy shine without feeling oily or sticky, which many sprays have a tendency to do.

Chi thermal protection spray is a light weight formula that protects the hair from the inside out. Boasting a silky shine, the spray not only protects by locking in moisture, but helps your hair hold a straight, flat ironed style for hours. The use of weightless compounds allows your hair to be heated and styled more than once in a day. This is perfect for touching up your locks after work before you head out for dinner or a happy hour. The spray is most effective when you section off your hair and spray the product evenly from roots to ends before blow drying hair.

Some reviews that support the brilliance of this product state that it is a great protection spray because it makes hair shiny while smelling great. It makes frizz and creates a delicate hold on flat iron styles when sprayed lightly. Some reviews state that if over sprayed, your hair will feel sticky and weighed down, so it is best to use very small spritzes of this product.

So which product is the best heat protectant for natural hair? Try out each one and you be the judge! Both products are said to yield high style and beautiful results when used correctly.

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