Best Hair Loss Treatment For Women – Top 10 Solutions!

Best Hair Loss Treatment For Women According to and the American Academy of Dermatology, the numbers of women losing hair can be as high as forty percent after the age of 40. When looking for the best hair loss treatment for women, it is important to remember that hair loss is not only a physical symptom, but it can lead to lower self- esteem and loss of confidence. Hair loss stems from several reasons and it is best to get tested for multiple phenomena. Among some concerns are imbalance of the hyroid gland, vitamin deficiencies, menopause, taking different medications, surgical trauma, infections, ashypothyroidism, and others. Below are our top 10 best hair loss treatment for women solutions worth exploring:

1. Diet: We have consulted with Sally Kravich, a nutritionist with a diet book release, on how people should maintain hair health with Vitamins and foods. She takes the approach that a woman’s vanity is her best friend when it comes to motivation. Sally suggests to review one’s diet and see for imbalance with minerals, vitamins, and of course- protein. Protein will help make the strands stronger and induce some growth. People who are concerned with excess weight gain can also add the leaner protein in foods such as nuts, seeds, and fish. The oils within nuts and fish are very important for the health of the scalp itself. Next is Iron, which is a definite criteria for people tested with anemia. The other two supplements to intake can be zinc, and biotin. These are better eaten but supplements can be added to enhance the digested products. When hair loss isn’t serious, or temporary (such as in the case of menopause), women can turn to diet as a reliable best hair loss treatment for women.

2. Some women aren’t aware that their hair styling habits can drain and tire delicate hair. A hair loss in women treatment doesn’t have to always involve drugs. When styling, even if you have coarse or curly hair, all the chemical treatments, perms, and hair coloring, can really damage hair over time. Women are especially worried about their roots showing between dye jobs, but it’s important to maintain about a month or more in between hair coloring. This is why it is also better for a woman to remain in her natural hair color range, so there is less difference when her roots are showing. Sorry brunettes, but being blonde really is so high – maintenance!
What should a fashion- conscious woman do? Probably try hair extensions (clip –in), parting the hair on one side, and using volume hair tools and products.

3. Stress is another key point to consider when looking for the best hair loss treatment for women: the less stress, the less hair you will lose. This is somewhat of a paradox, because women tend to stress even more when they notice hair loss. Still, a checkup with your family doctor can determine whether your hair loss is temporary, or a problem to worry about.

4. When it comes to finding the best hair loss treatment for women with serious hair loss, there is a transplantation surgery option to restore hair, which is a very common practice. The process is different when transplanting hair in women vs men. Since women have hair that thins behind the hairline, doctors use smaller areas to graft and transplant onto the woman’s scalp. In fact, now the grafts can be individual, offering a single hair by hair transplant, with more realistic looking results.

5. Another frontal hair loss treatment is a hair cream named Minoxidil, more commonly known as Rogaine. This cream has different concentrations, with the highest being 5 percent. Used twice daily, the cream often stops the hair from falling out, and sometimes promotes even more hair growth. This cream will usually grow finer, more brittle hairs where applied. This mixture can actually grow hair in whatever spot it is applied, so be careful not to spill it on your face or neck that would be one furry situation. Women often use this cream at its four percent concentrate, but they can definitely determine need according to their doctor. For women wanting visible results fast, perhaps the 5 percent solution is the best hair loss treatment for women.

6. A drug that is more often used by men is named Propecia. While we cannot endorse this product as one of the best hair loss treatment for women options since the scientists are still testing it on women, the current studies on women yield safe but varied results, except for the pregnant ones. The results of this drug vary differently among women. It has some growth potential, but the drug is still being tested. According to, this drug has an ingredient named Finasteride, which lowers the effects of DHT hormone. This means that the pill will stop the hair loss process. According to the FDA group, 1500 men went through testing with this drug, and about eighty percent of men who took the drug for two years saw a stop to hair loss or even and increase in hair.

7. Aldactone’s Spironolactone medicine. This is a drug that affects DHT in the body. It does so by being a diuretic which can lower body fluid but does not lower potassium. The drug is often used for other disorders such as blood pressure and other hormonal disorders. So, if this drug blocks androgens , the result is less hair loss and more control over the hormone related to hair loss.

8. Oral Contraceptives. These pills will help you treat androgenetic alopecia because they lower ovarian androgens. Some steps to ensure healthy progression are to avoid this pill if you are a long- term smoker, or a person with a high blood pressure risk. With this pill it’s a good idea to dig into your medical history with your doctor just to determine whether this is the correct solution for your hair loss.

9. Nizoral is among most popular hair loss products for women. It is a localized treatment; you can only get it by prescription. This is used to either treat infections of a fungal nature, or to aid with hair loss. The reason? It arrests the testosterone production via the adrenal gland. This effect is related to also preventing hair loss. If one chooses the Nizoral shampoo method, it will have two percent Ketoconazole. This ingredient helps your scalp and the androgenetic alopecia condition. With the side effects being sparse, Nizoral is possibly the best hair loss treatment for women in a topical format.

10. Finally, some women have also considered laser hair regrowth also known as LED light therapy/ This best hair loss treatment for women candidate is a red light with a certain wave pattern. This process reduces scalp swelling and flaking, it distributes scalp blood flow more evenly, and is a type of treatment for early signs of pattern balding for women.

Women will have to do the research to become aware of what caused their hair loss first, then how temporary or genetic is the hair loss issue, and finally sit down and consult with doctors and natural dietitians which products they can combine to solve their hair loss problem. As more safe and thorough research is being done now about women’s hair loss and re-growth, women can find solutions and start returning to a stress- free ( at least hairwise) lifestyle.

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