Are Naturtint Hair Color Ingredients Safe For Pregnant Women?

Are Naturtint Hair Color Ingredients Safe For Pregnant Women?Pregnant women also want to have beautifully colored hair, but is it safe! Just because you are pregnant, it does not mean that you need to forego your regular beauty regimen; you just have to take certain precautions to ensure the safety of your growing baby. Naturtint Hair Color is a popular brand of hair colorants that is used in many spas and salons across the nation. But just how safe is this arguably the best non permanent hair color? Read on to learn about the ingredients in Naturtint Hair Color and if they are safe for pregnant women to be exposed to.

Some of the main ingredients in this hair colorant are natural derivatives that help make your tresses shiny and vibrant. It does not contain any silicone, paraben, ammonia or formaldehyde ingredients. Its formula does include an oxidant which helps develop the color and low levels of ethanolamine to achieve proper hair PH levels necessary for color development.

According to the instructions booklet, it is best to speak to your doctor prior to using any kind of hair color, whether it is said to be safe or not. Also, hormones that are present in your body due to pregnancy or even while nursing may affect your overall hair color, giving you a darker or lighter shade than expected. Some of the colorants may also spark an allergic reaction, even if you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the Naturtint Hair Color. Pregnancy can do some strange and unexpected things to the body so the brand suggests that you undergo a sensitivity test before using the hair dye. All of their dyes come with simple instructions describing how to conduct a sensitivity test at home or with the help of a hair styling professional at a salon.

If you are still concerned with the risks or you fail the sensitivity test, there are other ways you can cover up grays and add some semi-permanent color into your hair. According to some physicians, highlighting hair after 20 weeks gestation is considered a safer alternative to an all over color. Additionally, human clip in hair extensions are a safe, easy, and also affordable alternative to undergoing dyes. These types of clip in extensions could be styled, washed, and dried as you normally would and come in a large selection of colors to match your natural hue or liven up your look.

Naturtint Hair Color is generally safe to use, but it is always better to speak to your health care provider before you use any color colorant.

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