7 Shocking Facts About Hair Loss Vitamin Deficiency

Hair Loss Vitamin Deficiency There are many factors that play into hair loss. Stress, anxiety, hereditary hair patterns (which can be androgenetic alopecia women and men can both suffer from this), and with hair loss vitamin deficiency can be a cause. There are many remedies for this problem: oils for hair growth and biotin for hair growth, but even the best vitamins for hair growth will not work if you don’t know the cause of your hair loss. If you know that with your hair loss vitamin deficiency is the cause, you might want to take a look at these 7 shocking facts about hair loss vitamin deficiency:

1. Iron deficiency and hair loss are closely linked. In premenopausal women, iron deficiency is one of the highest causes of hair loss vitamin deficiency. So load up on spinach with orange juice. Surprisingly, vitamin C helps your body absorb more iron from food sources.

2. On the contrary to deficiency, but a shocking fact anyway, if you absorb too much vitamin A as retinol, hair loss is likely to occur.

3. Did you know that if you favor consuming raw eggs, you might run into a problem of hair loss vitamin deficiency caused by lack of B group vitamins? In fact, excessive protein found in raw eggs has proven to slow down body’s absorption of B vitamins.

4. Have you recently undergone a weight loss surgical procedure like a lap band or gastric sleeve procedures? Did you know that these surgeries put their patients at risk for developing severe hair loss vitamin deficiency due to removing parts of the stomach that is responsible for nutrient absorption?

5. If you have a history of IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome or metabolic disorders, as shocking as it may be, you might start losing your hair due your body’s inability to absorb vital nutrients due to your condition.

6. Don’t go overboard when taking vitamins to reduce hair loss. For example, too much zinc may actually cause hair loss!

7. Saw Palmetto has proven to be an effective natural treatment for hair loss, however women should not take it without asking their doctor first as it may affect androgen pathways and can lead to other problems.

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