5 Cool Easy Ways To Dye Your Hair Naturally

Ways To Dye Your HairDo you desire a new look for your hair without the use of chemicals? There are many ways to dye your hair naturally, affordably, and efficiently. With so many organic options on the market today, it may take some time to find the best natural hair dye to meet your needs. Why not first try to get in the kitchen and get cooking! There are many organic products you probably already have in your pantry to help you achieve a temporary and natural new look. Read on to learn about 5 cool, easy ways to dye your hair naturally and some products to try and recipes to whip up that will help you achieve a healthy, natural image:

1. Get brewing! If you desire a new red toned look, turn to beets and carrots. Simmer a can of beet and carrot juice for about an hour and let it cook. Massage the mixture into your scalp and strands and let it sit for a half hour. Lightly wash out the excess juice and you should notice a slight red-orange tint to your locks!

2. Coffee anyone? The thought may have crossed your mind as you enjoy your favorite brew each morning, but now is the time to try it as one of the easiest ways to dye hair naturally. Brew a pot of coffee and let its natural hair dyes get to work. Allow it to cool. In the bathtub, pour the pot over your hair and wear a shower cap to seal in all the juices. Sit for 20 minutes and gently wash out the java. Your locks will look slightly darker and more defined.

3. Sick of grey hair? Get rid of those unsightly strands in no time at all. Boil a package of dry Sage in 2 cups of water. Using a strainer, take the cooled liquid and rub it all over your head, sealing it with a shower cap. After 40 minutes, rinse the mixture out and your hair will be shiny and less grey.

4. Henna hair dye colors are also safe and effective ways to get a temporarily tinted look. Henna for hair color coats your hair in tones you desire, leaving them transformed in minutes and enduring at least 10 days!

5. Tints of nature hair color is also a great brand to try because it does not use ammonia, nor is it one of the harmful ways to dye your hair because it does not cause damage and dryness.

If you want to achieve a new look for your hair, consider trying some easy organic recipes or hair products. There are many safe, all natural ways to dye your hair without the use of chemicals!

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