20 inch hair extensions – Buying Online Pros And Cons

20 inch hair extensions - Buying Online Pros And ConsHave you ever wanted super long hair but did not want to wait a long time? If so, 20 inch hair extensions may be great for you to clip or weave into your hair. Many long hair extensions can be purchased online, but with that come benefits and disadvantages. Read on to learn pros and cons of buying 20 inch hair extensions online.


1. You get micro loop hair extensions for sale prices. Online sites proudly boast a large number of discounted merchandise due to lower overhead that comes with an online business. The focus is selling the product at a great price, rather than raising costs to cover employees and a store rental fee in addition to other miscellaneous expenses.

2. When you sign up to online retailers’ weekly or monthly email lists, you receive coupons or notification of any sales, so you can stock up on micro ring hair extensions.

3. Online sites are great about showing you “before” and “after” pictures. You can see images of women with short or shoulder length hair styles become instantly transformed by the 20 inch hair extensions! You rarely see such photos in stores!

4. Much like “before” and “after” images, some online beauty sites post step by step pictures to help you put hair extensions in at home. The first time you attempt to clip in extensions, it may take some time to learn how to clip or loop them in. How to images are very helpful and you are unlikely to get this luxury if you purchase extension at a nearest beauty store.

5. Many online beauty sites guarantee 100% satisfaction, so you can return the product if it’s not to your liking, free of charge.

6. Many online hair extension retailers sell their products in bulk. You can get an amazing price for multiple hair extension strands to last you a year or two!


1. When you purchase anything online, it is sometimes hard to view the quality of the product. You only have photos to go with when you make your purchase.

2. Certain online beauty retailers sell in bulk only, so if you are looking to spend a certain amount and wish to pick up a strand or two, this would not be the best option for you.

20 inch hair extensions will dramatically change your look. Consider picking some up online, rather than in stores to save money, time, and get free installation tips.

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