10 Best Vegetable Hair Dye Products On The Market!

10 Best Vegetable Hair Dye Products On The Market!Vegetable hair dye is taking the beauty market by storm! Known for their organic and safe ingredients, why would you not want to take advantage of these natural hair dyes? Read on to learn about the 10 best vegetable based hair colorants on the market today.

1. Logona Kosmetik vegetable colorant is a favorite of many stylists and users. It’s free of synthetic colors and preservatives and adds subtle color to your natural tint.

2. If you are looking for vegetable dye and ammonia free hair color, then Naturtint Hair Color is for you. The brand uses potent plant ingredients to cover grays effectively and is not only safe to use, but affordable as well.

3. Another popular kind of vegetable hair dye is Herbatint Vegetal Color. It enhances your natural color and provides pure conditioning to your hair. It is not used to cover grays, but gives your own color a kick.

4. Special Effects Hair Dye is made of vegetable extracts and received rave reviews due to its long lasting color effects.

5. Manic Panic Hair Dye is also made of vegetable extracts and boasts a long lasting color. However, be advised that the colorant may color surfaces in the shower and your pillowcases after the first day or two of initial use. Take precautions and protect the surfaces this colorant may come in contact with.

6. Punky Color is a brand that boasts ammonia free, natural vegetable hair dye. It fades slightly sooner than some other vegetable dyes but is safe to use and cost friendly.

7. Burgundy Henna Hair Dye is also a great alternative to chemicals that dye your hair. It leaves your tresses looking healthier and shinier all while using 100% henna dye, which is derived directly from a plant!

8. Light Mountain offers a large selection of hair dyes to utilize that you can feel good about using any time. The vegetable dye is long lasting and yields similar results as a chemical dye does.

9. Another brand to try is Aubrey Organics. Their natural dyes come from vegetables and other plants and create a rich and vibrant color.

10. Surya Nature is another organic brand to try if you want to dye your hair safely and get very natural results.

Vegetable hair dye is the new trend. Be sure to ask your salon stylists if they carry or can order these brilliant natural dyes.

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