10 Best Salon Hair Products For Dry Hair

10 Best Salon Hair Products For Dry Hair Dry hair can certainly get you down. Don’t let it! There are a number of hair products for dry hair on the market today that will make you strands look shiny, healthy, and feel soft in no time at all. Read on to learn about the 10 best salon hair products for dry hair.

1. Ojon Color Sustain Pro is arguably considered to be the best shampoo for highlighted strands. Not only does it protect it for up to 40 washes, but it softens and smoothes it as well, eliminating annoying fly aways and tames stressed tresses from the heat and chemicals it was subjected to in the coloring and highlighting process.

2. Professional hair color products can also be harsh on hair. One coloring product to try for hair on the dry side is Clairol Professional. It contains no ammonia and uses vitamin E and Aloe vera for conditioning.

3. Nexxus has products for dry hair that salon stylists love. Their Head dress cream is a lightweight, leave in conditioner to be used on your strands after washing and before drying. It puts a bit of moisture back into the scalp and locks it there.

4. Joico Moisture Recovery Balm uses a blend of hydrating botanicals and minerals that prevent dehydration in the hair.

5. Alberto VO5 hot oil treatment is something salon professionals use at work and at home! It’s easy to find and it’s super affordable. Simply treat yourself to a hot oil treatment once a week to combat dry and damaged ends.

6. Big Sexy Hair is also a popular brand featured at many top salons. Their hair conditioner adds a lot of moisture while giving your locks some lift!

7. Matrix boasts a Moisture Cure Leave In Conditioner Spray that helps you comb though wet hair leaving your locks soft, luscious, and tangle free!

8. Biolage Exquisite Oil is a system that uses a shampoo, conditioner, and leave in mist to get rid of dry hair for good. In fact, it’s one of the most recommended systems by stylists to their clients that suffer from dry hair.

9. Sebastian is also a popular brand with many salons, especially if their clients have dry and damaged hair from coloring and styling. Their professional deep moisturizing treatment requires a short amount of time, some heat, and a cap to keep moisture in. It boasts beautiful results in only 15 minutes!

10. John Paul Mitchell products are also a favorite of salon professionals. Try any product from his moisture line if you are having difficulty with your dry hair.

By utilizing these hair products for dry hair, you can guarantee salon results in the comfort of your own home.

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