10 Best Heated Eyelash Curlers – Consumer Favorites!

Heated Eyelash CurlersHeated eyelash curlers are unique products that make your eyes pop! Read on to learn about the 10 best products for curling eyelashes:

1. Blinc heated lash curler makes your lashes appear to mimic natural looking false eyelashes! It’s simple to use and gives off a very precise amount of heat to curve your lashes and create an eye opening look.

2. Tweezerman eyelash curler is considered one of the best heated eyelash curlers. It was given very high ratings by consumers who simply blow a small amount of heat from a blow dryer on the small pad of the tool. Consumers report that the affordable product is just as effective as an electric lash curler.

3. Panasonic eyelash curler was given the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Meant to be used with or without mascara, the heated pads are gentle and effective.

4. Ruby and Mille also produce some heated eyelash curlers. It comes with replaceable pads after the heat you apply for your hair dryer wear them down. Forget applying mascara for eyelash extensions, this product will widen your eyes while drawing attention to your peepers.

5. Talika heated eyelash curler costs just under forty dollars, but the splurge may be worth it. Users rave about how dramatically different their eyes appear after use!

6. The Sephora Collection also boasts a heat induced eyelash curler which is said to produce professional results. Its combing technology helps curl the lashes, with or without mascara.

7. Ulta also produces a heated curler. It takes about 15 seconds to heat up and you hold the product in place for a couple seconds as you lift up the lash until you achieve your ideal curl.

8. Hot Lashes is a product seen on television and used by the top make up pros. They produce a tight, big, and long lasting curl that makes your eyes pop.

9. Ardel is another great lash curler that is effective and affordable. This battery operated curler takes a few moments to heat up and safely curls the lashes with ease.

10. Japonesque’s heated curler creates small, delicate, curled lashes without pulling on the lid or burning your skin.

If you are considering trying heated eyelash curlers, consider purchasing one of the above!

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